“Be kind to everyone you meet, for each person is fighting a great battle.”

Sufi Mystic

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If You Need Help or Are a Family Member...

If You Are a Client or Family Member

If You Are a Hurting Family Member...

You have so many questions and may feel desperate, but aren’t sure where to turn. John has arranged interventions for families torn by addiction, from teens and retired CEOs needing help to stay-at-home-moms. His structured counseling benefits each family member—whether the alcoholic/addict accepts help or refuses. Put an end to your suffering.

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If You Are Seeking Help...

You’re finally ready to change, but you’re scared and have so many questions. Will sobriety be worth it? Is there really a way out? What if you fail? Are you truly an alcoholic or addict? John himself asked these questions and many like it before he found the 14+ years of freedom and stable sobriety he enjoys today. Or, you may be in recovery already and on the verge of a relapse. As a recovery coach, John will come along side you and teach the principles of stable, lifelong sobriety.

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