“Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.”

Margaret Shepherd

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Counselors and therapists often sense that they hear only what their clients want to tell them. In many cases, as many as four out of ten, this common phenomenon is due to the intentional withholding of vital information by the client - what we at TrueYouRecovery call Secret Keeping®.

John Prin Counselng Services

Counselor Seminars:

In our interactive seminars, you will explore the ways clients' Secret–Keeping traits confuse and complicate your assessment efforts, treatment planning, and case-management. Learn more about our seminars.


  • Consciously and cleverly hide their addictions
  • Have an alibi or excuse for everything
  • Resist taking responsibility
  • Avoid a subject or change the subject
  • Won't answer certain questions.
  • Some genuinely want to improve and lead a better life but are "stuck"
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